Many sets of triplets

Triplets probably occur once in every 6000 to 7000 births. 
Many sets of triplets are recorded in Jamaica, most seeming to do very well. I shall just give details of a few instances, especially early ones.
Daily Gleaner, February 7, 1876
Ann Sutherland, a woman residing in this city, gave birth to three children on Tuesday last. They are all girls, and are doing well.

Daily Gleaner
, April 3, 1884
On Tuesday last a woman, residing in Foster Lane, gave birth to three children, two girls and a boy. Mother and children are doing well.

Daily Gleaner, March 16, 1887
A young woman named Mary Ann Boyd, a native of Montago Bay, but who at present resides at 49 West Street in this city, gave birth to three male children on Monday last. The children are all well, but the mother died on the same night.

Daily Gleaner, June 28, 1898
On the 21st inst. at Red Hills in upper Clarendon, Mrs Elizabeth Cornders [?] gave birth to three boys. Mother and children are doing well.

Daily Gleaner, February 17, 1899
At Fellowship, Portland, a woman has given birth to three children.

Daily Gleaner, May 10, 1907
Our Port Maria correspondent reports that last week a young woman named Louisa Ellis, residing at Grants Town (two miles from Port Maria) gave birth to three children, all girls.
Mother and children are doing well.

1908 saw the birth of several sets of triplets:

Daily Gleaner, March 27, 1908
Our Mavis Bank correspondent writes : News reached here this morning that a woman gave birth to triplets on Tuesday, 24th instant in the neighbourhood of Bloxburgh, in the parish ot St. Andrew. Mother and children are doing well.

Daily Gleaner, May 1, 1908
A married woman residing in the upper part of King Street gave birth to triplets on Tuesday evening. The infants, however, died but the mother is doing well.

Daily Gleaner, June 12, 1908
A woman by the name of Louise Jackson of Content Garden, a village near Ocho Rios gave birth yesterday morning to triplets. The mother and children are all doing well says our

Daily Gleaner, July 10, 1908
Jestina Feary died in the public Hospital yesterday afternoon after having given birth to triplets at her house in Pink Lane a few days ago.

Daily Gleaner, July 21, 1908
A woman who was detained at the Public Hospital on Sunday until accommodation could be obtained for her at the Jubilee Lying-in-Hosptial, gave birth to triplets. None of tbe infants,
however, survived.

Daily Gleaner, May 11, 1909
(From Our Correspondent)
Port Maria May 10 - Mrs Brown of Oxford, near this town, gave birth to three girls at the Public Hospital yesterday. Mother and the three children are doing well.
 . . . and for the first time there appears an appeal for financial assistance for the mother of triplets:
                                        Daily Gleaner, July 4, 1914
An interesting comparison on multiple births in 19th century Europe: 

Daily Gleaner, November 4, 1902

A Berlin despatch says: Berlin is becoming known as the "City of Twins." The number of twins, and triplets born here has steadily risen since 1825. Out of nearly 2,000,000 children born within that period twins were born 22,441 times, triplets 229, and quadruplets 3 times. During the same period in London twins were born 14,000 times, triplets 75, quadruplets twice. The Paris figures are : Twins, 7,500; triplets, 25; no quadruplets.

There were of course many other sets of triplets born in Jamaica in the 20th century and in the first years of this century, but it would be a major task to identify them all, so I will just bring the site up-to-date with a brief reference to a very recent set, born last year

On September 14, 2007, the Gleaner reported the birth of the first set of triplets for the year at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital. The three little girls and their 33-year-old mother from Denham Town were treated as celebrities at the hospital.

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